Niche Homo #4 is one of humankind’s greatest achievements – all 80 pages of it. Featuring interviews with Sic Alps, Thee Oh Sees, Ramleh, The Homosexuals and The Pheromoans. We have braved snow storms, high risk surgical procedures and stray apostrophes to bring you this fine spectacle of misanthropic enthusiasm. It’s filled with comic strips, high-concept illustrations and articles on geocaching, sporting leisure and coloured vinyl. Toilet Literature that is Superior in every way.


NICHE HOMO #3 is now in print, featuring interviews with The Fall's Mark E Smith, Astral Social Club, Spin Spin The Dogs, Mazes and So Cow, plus mixtape wars, swimming pool diaries, Hello Roy G! part 3. We aren't lying when we tell you that a visit to pick it up from the printers last week resulted in 24 hours spent in police custody, but that's a story for another time... 52 pages of superior toilet literature. SOLD OUT.


A music and illustration publication in digest format. Issue 2 is 56 pages long and features interviews with Fucked Up, Vivian Girls, Halo of Flies, Bilge Pump and Hipshakes, plus writings by Oxbow’s Eugene Robinson and a whole bunch more. Scott Soriano of Z-Gun writes "Turrrrrific music zine of the kind you thought didn't exist anymore." Niche Homo is superior toilet literature.


An English music / illustration zine with a Buttholes-style design aesthetic, featuring interviews with Oxbow’s Eugene Robinson, Pink Reason, Mob Rules, The Shitty Limits, Times New Viking and others. Dave Lang of the Lexicon Devil label says “I dig Niche Homo whole lot. Reminds me of some of the better 'zines from the great boom of the early '90s: Superdope, Wipeout! and Feminist Baseball. Pure, raw fandom for all the best u/ground shit currently happening w/zero doubt on their mind. Information, reviews, interviews, rants. You get the hep contempo stuff like Pink Reason, Times New Viking, The Shitty Limits, Oxbow (and Whipping Boy!!)'s Eugene Robinson (a good read) and even some goods on Dawson and The Scene Is Now. Aw, sh1ucks. Reading this makes me feel about 100 years old, but I'm all the better for it.” 52 pages of dazzling shit. SOLD OUT.

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